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  • New seat foam/covers

    I redid my seats using MSA seat foam and covers. Overall the result is good minus the few wrinkles. The installation was fairly easy other than the seat cushion where it pulls through to put tension on the front seam. I couldn’t get that all the way through to the springs so I used plastic ties to pull it as close as possible. The color match is good but not perfect. There is already a bit of variation in reds throughout the car so I am not that worried about it. Red is a tough colour to match. I was able to get some new seat mechanism protectors from Zeddsaver that finished things off nicely.

    Also picked up this pretty cool 50th anniversary decal for the quarter window.

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    Very nice job. I too had some issues with fit when I did mine a few years ago. Do you have a steamer (ie for clothes). I watch the guys on TV use a steamer to gently soften the material to smooth out the wrinkles. It must allow the material to stretch a bit. Next time I work on my interior, I'm going to have a steamer at hand.


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      Yes I do have a steamer. Picked one up a few years ago to use to remove the window tint in my 260z. I will give it a try. I also expect the wrinkles will move/adjust once I get a bit of seat time in them. Only 3 months to go and we will be back on the road.


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        Im a little late to provide this tip. But, here it is. When I did my seats, I put those very thin dry cleaning bags over the foam before trying to installing the seat material. The dry cleaning bag permitted the material to slide over the seat foam & in doing so, it was easier to move the new seat material around to minimize any wrinkles. I didn't try to remove the cleaning bags & left them in place.


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          Funny enough when I removed the seat back covers I found a similar plastic bag material. I thought the seat covers were original but I guess they must have been replaced before and that owner used the same method. It definitely helped with the backs which were tight going on.