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  • Zcar withdrawal projects

    I am officially in a state of Zcar withdrawal. So much so that I have taken on a couple of easy projects just so I can imagine still having a car tucked away awaiting that first spring drive. Project 1 - air box refresh. I picked up this very tired early 240 air box off kijiji a couple of months ago. Here's how it looked when I first got It.
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    Here it is after some cleaning and sanding.


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      After paint and awaiting decals.


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        Finally, with decals. I mounted the air box on a set of SU's I refurbished in the fall to give the full effect. I think I may have messed up the position of the front two decals slightly but I guess I will have to live with it. After shipping and exchange those suckers cost me close to $100. I am hoping to go and see a 73 240z this weekend. I actually bought the decal set which is for a 72-73 240z before this car came up so maybe that is karma . We'll see.
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