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  • Radi's 700HP 370z

    I dont post much on here, but since my car is all ready now and I am in Ontario, I figured I would post my build and support our local forums. I figured I would put together the build thread with my beloved Zaby. I purchased the car 2 years ago and right before I bought it, I told the wife I would not touch the car for the next 2-3 years. After 14 days of ownership, parts started coming through the door (mod itch). I love the car so much and the way it looks, I started with suspension and rims, then supercharger.
    I had the supercharger rebuild and ran cog gears which blew my engine, so I purchased a built engine and ran the supercharger on my car only for few month until I took it off. Cog gears gave me so much headache and one day an m4 pulled next to me and we couldn't help it and he pulled away which pissed me off LOL. Sent the car down to maryland to AAM Competition and had their twin turbo installed along with all supporting mods, my baby made 680 at 16-17psi on 94 octane pump gas. Here is a list of all the mods (pics of car progress at the bottom, I had lots of pics before but my old phone broke so I salvaged wat I could):

    Engine/ Drivetrain and fuel upgrades
    Fully build VQ37VHR (HBR performance built VQ37VHR Bore 3.7805 Stroke 3.460 Wiseco dished 9.0:1 Pistons, Wiseco 9600 XS Rings, K1 Billet 4340 Steel H Beam connecting rods, OEM bearings)
    AAM Competition 370Z Twin Turbo System, Installation, and Tuning Package AAMC 3" TD Exhaust System
    AAM Competition 370Z Oil Cooler System (R-line water cooled)
    AAMC/EcuTek Base FI Package standalone ecu - boost controller and advanced traction controls
    AAM Competition GT-R Auto dumb Catch Can System Limited Edition Black fitted in a 370Z
    SPEC Super Twin Plate SS-Trim Clutch /Flywheel Assy for HR/370Z
    RJM 370Z/ G37 Pedal Assembly- w BOTH Clevis Fork Styles
    Heavy Duty Slave Cylinder w/ Lines; 07-09 HR 350Z; 09-11 370Z VHR
    AAM Competition twin fuel pump
    deatschwerks 1000CC injectors
    AAM return fuel kit
    AAM Competition 370Z Fuel Rail & Line Kit Upgrade
    AAM competition MAF sensors
    vibra-technics engine and tranny mounts (purchased 4 weeks ago, but have not heard from them yet, might have to open paypal claim). If they dont arrive, I will be ordering the Z1 mounts

    Koni yellow racing shocks (only have pics of Neo motorsports coil overs which I will be installing and will do a review on them)
    Swift Spring
    Stillen front + Rear Sway bar
    SPL front + Rear camber arms
    SPL rear diff bushing
    Nismo finned diff cover for cooling

    Tires/Rims + Brakes
    Forgestar CF5V performance light weight rims
    275/35/19 +28 fronts and 305/30/19 +18 rears
    Stoptech big rotors/pads/ stainless steel lines upgrade

    fly1motorsports full carbon fiber body kit
    fly1motorsports full carbon fiber wing
    fly1motorsports full carbon fiber hood
    fly1motorsports RS1 carbon fiber vented fenders
    Custom headlights

    Custom gauge pillar from our member Galeforce with boost gauge and air/fuel ratio gauge
    Removed all factory gauges and replace with temp, oil pressure, fuel pressure
    2 jl w3v2 in a Zenclosure box and focals speakers –JL 1000 monoblock and JL 2 channel amp
    Custom Steering wheel (will arrive next week)

    Future Mods - Some Carbon fiber interior panels and bbk (although the current brakes I have are great for the streets). As well as go E85 hopefully this summer

    My baby when I got her - my future little race car driver already in driver seat - Z completely stock and was silver she was later wrapped black!

    Then suspension parts and rims came next

    Then the supercharger came in

    Then the build engine came after the original one went CABOOM!

    Then the TT at AAM Competition

    And shots as the car currently sits

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    wow that's a fast car. looks good.


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      Thanks vvise. I use to have a lot of pics but my old phone broke and lost everything. Here is a pic of the dyno


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        So, on the way back from Maryland. Did you have anything to declare? By the numbers you have added another 370Z and a Sentra under that hood. It's so cool living in the future. Keep it rubber side down and I think we would all line up to slap you if you blow it up again.
        67.5 Roadster project
        71 510 wagon
        74 CB360T
        2006 Nissan, retired parts getter. Sold and out of retirement.
        2013 Toyota Corolla
        Formerly 510er
        It's amazing how one tiny capacitor can wreak so much havoc.


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          I had no choice 510er because the car was shipped there with all the paperwork as well as an estimate cost of the work, there is no getting away from paying the government LOL! On a plus note, was worth every penny I spent


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            I was picturing more of a drive it down and then drive it back with a sly grin at the border. That would have been awesome. Less awesome would be having it siezed for not declaring. Wtihout giving out any numbers, what you spend on your car is your own business, what do they hit you with on a job such as this? At the border that is. Taxes I'm sure, Import duty? You already know it was worth it.
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            67.5 Roadster project
            71 510 wagon
            74 CB360T
            2006 Nissan, retired parts getter. Sold and out of retirement.
            2013 Toyota Corolla
            Formerly 510er
            It's amazing how one tiny capacitor can wreak so much havoc.


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              I paid 2500 at the boarder. But like you said, if you risk not declaring, you risk losing the vehicle.


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                Wow amazing build, hope to see this thing around at some of the meets. 680 is a lot of POWAAAAA
                TAK IR EEEZZZZZ VG30DETT


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                  Thx 300zxtt. I will definitely be coming out to meets this year.