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  • Auto to Manuel conversion

    Hello guys need some help and advice. I have a 71 auto 240z project and I am wanting to convert it to Manuel transmission. I have looked up the parts that I need and have tried to source them with little success. I have a friend that says he knows a guy that is selling a 280z parts car.

    My questions is, can I take everything I need off the 280z and install into my 240z or will it be too much of a problem to even try. The reason I am considering this is because I can get the 280z parts car for really cheap and would obtain all if not most of the parts for the conversion at once.

    Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.

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    I have a manual parts car if you interested


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      I pmed you hopefully you got


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        You will need to source a '71 clutch pedal ('70 may also work). The later pedals are different and not interchangeable with the '71 pedal box and clutch master location. The '71 clutch pedal has a tab off the side that the clutch master clevis attaches to, whereas the later pedal the master clevis is connected directly to the pedal arm.

        I also suggest re-enforcing the early pedal, since they tend to twist, due to this offset of the components and the thinner arm used than the later pedals.


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          I have done several conversions for people.

          PM me with your list of:
          what you have already
          what you think you need.
          I 'll review it and let you know


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            Thanks a lot for the help guys, really appreciate it