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Removing window tint

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  • Removing window tint

    If anyone is interested I have found a way to remove old window tint using a clothes steamer. There are several youtube videos that you can watch to get tips (one is attached below) but essentially you just steam the old stuff off. The most important thing is to go slow so that you get all the glue at the same time as going back afterwards is a bit of a pain. I have done both sides already and it went quite smoothly.

    I decided to remove the tint when I realized that finding a tint match for my new rear hatch glass was going to be impossible. By the way, if anyone has a good to excellent rear hatch glass I would be interested as the glass I put in is just not cutting it.

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    A really handy way to go about this with the minimum of fuss, I commend you Sir, a job well done and a job that I can now attack without fear of bits and pieces left all over the glass. Colin C you are a star.