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Gas leak?

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  • Gas leak?

    Just curious if anyone here has any idea what this is, filled up the 240z yesterday to pretty much full and after it was home it was leaking gas, I believe itís an overflow but Iím not sure, it connects to midway down the gas tank on the driver side and goes up to under the body.

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    That hose is suppose to go to the vapour recovery tank on the P/S above the fuel filler, but may have altered by a previous owner, see here,
    At any rate it's leaking so you'll need to drain the tank to below that nipple, pull off the hose to find out the cause of the leak.


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      The ethanol in the fuel ruins the hoses. I replaced them all 10 years ago, and even though they are supposed to be fuel lines ( heater hose won't last a year) I can smell gas in the car again. Another place to look is the big rubber fitting between the filler and the tank. Mine started weeping gas through tiny cracks. Rick at Brantford Nissan brought one in from Japan. Several hundred $ as I recall. Someone needs to come up with a kit to replace that part with standard hose fittings.
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