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Selling: 280Z Front and Rear Suspension & Brakes

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  • Selling: 280Z Front and Rear Suspension & Brakes

    I have for sale the front and rear strut assemblies with wheel hubs and brakes. The rears also include the control arms.

    These came off my car, I had driven on them for 2 years and rebuilt and painted the front brake calipers completely a few months before removing the setup from the car. (you can check my build thread on here for exact dates and details) I got a full suspension replacement so unfortunately for me these are left over. All the bushings are in decent condition.

    The spring setup isn't stock, the ride height was slightly lower. I don't know what kind of springs/struts they are, it's what I purchased the car with. The ride was comfortable but firm. I've never owned a Z with full original suspension so it's hard for me to compare. Softer than my old Cayman, harder than the average modern sedan.

    One of the rear drums has a blown piston, unfortunately while the wheel was off the car I pressed on the brake and the hat fell off the hub and pushed the piston out tearing the sleeve on it.

    Also included are new brake shoes for the rears.

    I'm asking $150 for the 2 front strut assemblies.
    $150 for the 2 rear struts assemblies.

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    Ended up selling fronts and rears separately on kijiji. Thanks.