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    Last night it was official. I'm back into a Z. 1973 240z with 67000 original miles, original paint, interior etc. All the typical rust areas are dry as a bone and out of the 5 240's I've owned in the past 15 years, it may be the driest. Mark, the owner, has a pretty good story. At 4 yrs old his dad bought a new 1970 240z #6050 and he was hooked since. Mark still has #6050. In the spring he picked up a hoard of 4 240's from a collector and soon realized he can't have them all so this one was listed. After sitting for 4 years, he drained the fuel, blew all the lines, slapped a new fuel pump in and 10 minutes later it was driving on the road. Everything works and it's incredible how clean this is. It has the original rims so instead of looking for the typical Rota, Minilites or Konigs, I may stay original and find some period correct hubcaps.

    Now I wait for transportation to Detroit area where I'll head over to pick it up.
    Apparently the interior needs nothing and as far as body work, pretty minor clean up. Can't wait to have this for the winter. Now I just need to figure out how to rotate the pics.
    Only apparent rust is very minor on the rockers and surface rust on the hatch exterior around the emblems I wonder if these are stock rims? Then I can just find some original hubcaps. That'll be great. So do I clean it up and spray with undercoating or oil spray the heck out of it, or keep it as original? Definitely do some seem sealing
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    Big Sky country. Beautiful area. Must have been the only Z in the area! It' pretty spread out and sparse. Nice find.
    Zen is finding a bolt on your Z that is not rusted solid
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      Mark bought 4 240's this spring so he probably has more Z's per capita than anywhere in the


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        I'm going to see how well the original paint can be detailed. I've seen some pretty drastic transformations from oxidized paint to the look of a new paint job. There are some spots down to the metal and original primer but after the entire exterior is detailed, I'll try and get some matching paint and lightly do those spots. Having that antique look with original paint, a set of hudcaps would be fine.


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          Well this is the most rust free, clean 240 I've had. It needs paint as the exterior was done pretty cheap. Only one small repair needed, very minor patch. Amazing condition inside and out. Original power antenna works, glove box light works, everything works except the clock which I'll definitely get working. Inside the jams, engine bay, hatch, all original paint, most still shines. Repaint will be as close to original as possible. On all the steel undercarriage parts, I brushed on this RCMP Rust Converter which changes the iron oxide to magnetite. Pretty amazing stuff. Magnitite is a protective coating normally created in steam piping protecting against corrosion. What a time saver. I'll post pics when I can. It states that it isn't heat resistant but I did the exhaust anyways. So far so good.
          Order a set of Z Therapy carbs and looking at some wiring mods for improved lights. They have some plug and play kits out there reducing wiring overheating issues.