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Emission control valve

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  • Emission control valve

    I am restoring some of the emission components on the balance tube. When I took apart the control valve I noticed that there is, what appears to be, a foam ring on the inside. I took apart 3 control valves, 2 had the foam ring 1 did not. The problem is this foam ring has disintegrated over 45 years. It basically crumbles on contact (see pic). My question is: can anyone clarify what this ring is made of? Also, where can I find replacement material? Thanks
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    Hi, The foam is only a filter element.
    You can replace it with any thin breathable foam material like a piece of lawn mower filter sliced with a razor!
    Sometimes jewlery has a nice fine foam in the box as well.
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      Thanks Laverne, I knew you would know. I will be posting another question in 5 minutes. i hope you will have a chance to look at it.
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