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    Since I'm currently going through transporting my car pains, dealing with all these broker emails and who to trust, I came across Turbo Transport. They own their own rigs and are not a broker. Blaine has been patient with me as I'm extremely thorough, many questions.
    The issue I have to deal with is the car arriving in the Detroit area when I'm away at work (I work 2 weeks out of province, 2 weeks home). Delivery dates cannot be guaranteed on long hauls for many reasons, so to avoid this, Turbo Transport have a small terminal near Detroit. This way if it arrives just after I have left, they'll keep it safe for free. The other option is them taking care of bringing it across and taking care of the customs paper work. What they charge for customs paperwork is about the same as what it cost for me to have a broker do it , around $300, peanuts. By me renting a UHaul truck and car dolly, I save about $500 bringing it across which I have to do anyways.
    Turbo is a whole lot cheaper than TFX and about the only 2 companies that I know of that do cross border shipping.
    My Z is 1850 miles away from my door. If I were to have them take care of everything and have the door to door service, in US dollars, it would be $1735 for shipping, $2070 US dollars including all fees. 6.1% duty and taxes are extra. TFX would be over $3k.
    Thought I'd share this in case it helps someone out.

    Oh ya, the Z went on a 1 mile test ride and I was told it ran like a champ.


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    When I brought mine up from Washington, I used AA transport, who also was able to take care of all of the paper work, they had brokers they used. This was back in '08, so I don't know if they still provide the same service.

    The price was close to the same as you have posted here for door to door shipping.


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      Just brought back a 260z from Newyork. Drove down with a car trailer from uhaul. Sorted out the paperwork ahead of time with the us customs office using a company called simplified trade solutions. Cost me $60 for the trailer and $40 for the ITN number to get the car out of the states... All in including gas it Cost me about $170 to drive from Oshawa to watertown to bring home a Z... No need to use a fancy broker or anything for the paperwork it's all really straight forward.


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        ya I've done that 3 times meeting the transport at a pick up point.1st Z I flew to Texas and drove it back and yes, only about $50 to do it yourself. This time I was tight for time and driving to Montana, with a Uhaul, 2000 miles would not of been cost wise. It cost me about $200 more for the broker. This will probably be my last Z as this one is about the most rust free I'll find for the price I paid.


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          I was considering flying to Montana and driving back but even if the car was a daily driver, travel expenses would of been more.