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Reducing the Fleet - a couple Z32 for sale

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  • Reducing the Fleet - a couple Z32 for sale

    I'm above the spousal acceptance level on the Z-cars right now, so a couple are going up for sale.

    1992 300ZX TT 2+2 - 155Km, Platinum Mist/Black Leather. Always winter-stored, good condition body-wise. Mostly original paint, 99 Nismo nose. I bought it in Toronto 8 years ago as a NA automatic, my wife drove it for a four years then I converted it to a 1995-spec TT 5spd (48P heads, New-style P2 injectors), including rear sub-frame, TT differential and AC. HICAS-delete, everything else is as a factory TT. 10K km since conversion, no issues, full 120K service done at conversion. There are full breather mods on the car, dual MAF and full stainless 2 3/4" exhaust. SpecialtyZ chipped, run at 13psi. Never been on a Dyno, probably makes 380 hp. 350Z Brembos, SPL/KYB/Eibach suspension. Sparco NSII 17" wheels, good rubber. I can de-mod this car to OEM spec to reduce the selling price if you are interested in a lower-spec TT. $14,000 as it sits, Safetied and E-tested. Contact me for a list of mods and new parts installed, it's extensive.

    1993 300ZX Convertible - US(Nevada) car 110K Miles. Cherry Red Pearl/two-tone Black/Bone interior/Black top. NA/5spd car, factory original down to the airbox, New P2 injectors, recent full 120K kit with new oil pump and pan, alternator/starter/clutch/tires. Great paint and body, new leather on the seats. Great driving car, I bought this in Reno last year and my wife and I road-tripped California/Utah/Colorado/Arizona before bringing it back to Ontario. I was planning a TT conversion, but my shop time recently has been eaten up by other people's cars...I have everything needed, and can do it if someone is interested in a nice TT 'vert. $7500 safetied and E-Tested. A TT conversion would add about $3000-3500 on top, depending on repairs/upgrades/mods desired.

    If you want pictures, I can email a couple. I am overseas at work right now, home early June when both cars will be out of storage and available for viewing/purchase. Hopefully I can pass along a couple nice cars for new owners to enjoy.